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PRIQLY a "Stand Out" Brand at WSWA

We were really delighted and honored that PRIQLY has been named by Bar Business Magazine as one of three stand-out products at the 2019 WSWA Convention in Orlando! This annual convention is the largest distributor conference in our country. Distributors from every state are here in force taking meetings with their existing suppliers and sometimes, looking for new brands of interest. PRIQLY has been present on the exhibition floor for the past two years, The exhibit halls contain over 500 brands seeking the attention and favor of distributors roaming the floor. Sadly, as this industry gets more consolidated, the few remaining distributors become inundated with brands seeking representation. Since WSWA we are proud to say that we have started in MO, MI, NH and RI and we are actively looking for representation in MD, VA, FL, NJ, TX, and AZ at this time.

Bar Business Magazine spent 10 minutes tasting PRIQLY and was apparently wowed by PRIQLY’s incredible versatility and how it actually makes cocktails taste better, drink better, and does so with only 9 grams of sugar, and without dominating the cocktail. They were very interested in learning about how we saw the need for such a product, and because it goes so well in both brown and clear spirits, they instantly saw that this was a game-changer. All it takes is one taste of delicious award-winning PRIQLY neat, and then tasting it in Tequila or Bourbon at a 3:1 ratio. Nothing out there does what PRIQLY does. It makes the base spirit smoother and it amplifies its primary flavors. That’s what intrigued the nice people at Bar Business Magazine.

If you are reading this and have tried PRIQLY, you know, you get it. If you haven’t yet tried it, please do! If you are a distributor, call us- you will love what you taste and see- no, you do not have anything remotely like this exciting cocktail modifying liqueur in your book!!

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