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Entertaining and fun with friends is what enjoying Priqly is all about. It’s elegant package with turquoise and gold colors speak to just how bright and charming this delicious liquid is. Notice the Chameleons flanking the name? These beautiful and timid little guys are a part of the landscape on Malta. We thought that such a colorful local icon was an ideal way in which to portray the message of Priqly with the ideas of harmonious change and transformation.



Today people are seeking authenticity in their daily lives. and in what they consume. We recognize that reality and searched for an authentic one-of-a-kind flavor, place, and source from which to develop and introduce a wholly new idea in top-shelf luxury liqueurs. The goal was to add something relevant, real and fun to the craft cocktail culture of today.


Enjoy it’s elegant flavors and texture in a variety of ways. We haven’t even found all the ways to enjoy it yet. Make a Maltese Coffee. What could be better with Tequila in Margaritas? This clear Prickly Pear liqueur is Agave’s new best friend! Lose the White Vermouth wherever, whenever it’s called for. You won’t regret it. Really! Add Priqly to Mojitos, Cosmos, Moscow’s. Manhattans get dressier. Old Fashioned’s get new Fashioned. Add it to your G & T, your Vespers, … Shoot it, Spritz it, neat it, sip it or freeze it. Creative cocktailing is just one pour away. Make your cocktails better one shaker at a time with Priqly.

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