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PRIQLY signs on in Massachusetts with Martignetti Companies

It’s a great pleasure for us to announce the appointment of the Martignetti Companies, United Liquors Division as the home of PRIQLY in Massachusetts. We are thrilled to be a part of such a diverse and Premium portfolio of spirits. We kick-off later this Summer. PRIQLY will be found starting late August in the best bars and restaurants throughout the Bay State. We are excited to be aligned also with Mr. Troy Clarke, the Martignetti Companies master mixologist, spirit consultant and educator. We look forward to his signature recipes using PRIQLY in all kinds of Craft and Classic Cocktails! Just ask your favorite mixologist for a PRIQLY Margarita, A PRIQLY Perfect Manhattan, or, change up any classic cocktail by adding PRIQLY, or, substituting it wherever you might use Orange Liqueur, Elderflower or White Vermouth. You will be surprised and delighted.

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